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Monday, April 30, 2012

April 23, 2012

Elder Asdel in San Jose Guatemala

Wasssssup? This week was good I got a new fecha with H-g-, and his family said they will get baptized after him if he sets a good example.... that could be the hard part. 
But what I’m more excited for is we have a fecha with Osc-r, he is awesome. We have been teaching him for about 6 weeks-ish now. And he told his dad he wants to get baptized the other day and came to church with us for the first time this Sunday and he liked it alot. So to get baptized he needs to come two more times. If he comes the next two Sundays his baptism would be the Saturday after that. 

 PS-  I saw like a 6ft snake this week it was giant haha I ran from it. It was the most dangerous type in Guatemala called the Barba Maria. Ok I’m attaching some random photos to make this letter less boring. Love you all, have a good week.

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