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Friday, September 9, 2011

August 29, 2011

Hello Hello! Jezz Mondays come around fast. First off Monday we were supposed to go to this mall called Tokal Futura and bowl and stuff for a zone acitivity, but our zone leaders messed it up and we didn’t go, so hopefully today.
Lets see if I can get you up to date, our families out in Los Cubes are still progressing but not as much.

This week was Hermana Gaticas 50 something birthday and Elder Rowan and I bought her a light and an extension cord to run out to their kitchen, because she uses candles. But not anymore... and she was really happy :) Also we baked her a cake and they made dinner :)

We have 1 new family and we invited them to a baptism, and they came all the way from Los Cubes. And the girl getting baptised didn’t show up. So that was dumb. Sunday we had nobody in church. But finally we have a branch mission leader, so that will help us :)

Changes are Wednesday, Elder Garcia is going home. My comp is most likely going to a new area. My guess is that Huels and I stay here and we get new comps. I’ll let you know all that happens next Monday. That’s all for this week.
Love you!

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