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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 5, 2011

 Hello! Changes were Wednesday, and I have a new comp! :)
My new comp is from El Salvador and doesn’t speak any English. But everybody has been telling me my Spanish is really good. So yea... everything is going good. His name is Elder Gonzalez. He is also helping me learn K’ekchi.  He has been out for 17 months.
This week has been slow for teaching. Mostly, all I was doing was showing him the area. 
Change conference was fun. I got to see some people from my group and talk with them. I can’t believe that its September… Where did being 19 go? That was a fast year. Right now all is going good. I’m having fun working with my new comp and we get along well and we’re always laughing and joking around which makes things more fun. Don’t have a whole lot to say this week, just filling you in on my new comp. Hope all is well back home! Love you!

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