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Sunday, September 25, 2011

September 19, 2011

 Hey! This week was good... it also flew by.  My new comp and I get along good and my Spanish is getting better and better.
I can’t believe it's my birthday.  I feel like yesterday I was spending my birthday with Alyssa and then flying home to spend it with you.  Time flies.  I'm also coming up on 6 months in the mission.  The first milestone ha.  It still feels like I have no time in the mission and I have no idea what I'm doing still. But I've heard that feeling never goes away,  and if it does you’ll stop learning. Ha ha. But I'm sure by the time I have 23 months I'll feel like I’ve got some time :) 
This week was slow/bad for teaching one of our possibilities something happened between him and his wife, and he got kicked out of the house.  And our others don't progress anymore.  But we still have one really good investigator that wants to be baptized and has been to church 2 weeks in a row.  The only thing is he wants his wife to be ready too and she doesn't even want to sit and listen to us... so yeah I'm not quite sure on that. 
Lately the weather has been raining everyday. Ha.
Sunday was branch conference and there was a bunch of people... almost felt like a ward not a branch ha. After sacrament, during second hour, the primary teachers asked Elder H--- and I to go into the primary and answer questions because they were teaching about preparing on going on a mission and H--- basically can't speak Spanish so I was answering all the little kids questions, which was fun ha.

Hmm well P-day got switched back to Monday (today) and next Monday we are supposed to go to Tikal Futura, the mall we were supposed to go to last change... so maybe I'll finally get to go ha ha. Tomorrow I have good plans for my birthday with the family Diaz, they are the go to cool family you can just relax at their house and have a good time.  So I’m taking a cake over there tomorrow to celebrate so don’t worry tomorrow will be great.  Also last night I called the zone leaders and told them if I have packages to bring them tomorrow cause sometimes mail sits at their house.  Well guess what I have two packages by my feet right now, one from the family, and one from Alyssa! Thank you guys I love you all!
Today I’m going to try to go to Mega Paca and find some new stuff so yea I’m going to be using my paypal card.  I found an 80 dollar banana republic shirt last week for 15 qs which is less than 2 dollars, brand new never used.  Tell everyone thanks for all the birthday wishes.  I love you! Have a good week!

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  1. So happy you had a good birthdsy. I thought you were in Gustemala City at thr Temple. Hesrd there eere earthquakes. I was worried. We miss and love you. Grsndma