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Friday, August 10, 2012

August 6, 2012

Elder Asdel and his bus to the Chik
 Well you thought I was in Coban... but my new area is Yalijux pronounced Tialeehoosh, in zone polochik!!! yeahhhh!!!! My new area is the farthest and most of it is in the middle of the mountains. I didn’t even get to my area until Friday haha. They speak absolutely no Spanish so I have to learn fast. My new comp is from Arizona and he is 100 percent Navajo Indian, he’s dope. He lives in a place in Arizona called Navajo Nation Reservation in Arizona. He has about 9 months in the mission. 
So this is how it went down more or less, but I’m going to be quick because I want to send pictures. So I go to change conference and I find out I’m going to the chik (Polochik). After the change conference I get on a 4 hour bus to Coban, spend the night in Coban where Elder Gunnel is, so that was fun. The next day I get on a bus to Senahu which goes through the mountains for about 5 hours. Then I got to my house in Senahu, which is not my area but I have a house there, then I stayed the night. The next day I hitched a ride with the kek´chi choir to Yalijux with a weeks worth of clothes and I stay out there until Sunday and after church on Sunday we walk 5 hours back to Senahu for p-day on Monday which is now. 
In Yalijux there is no electricity and we are seriously in the middle of nowhere. I love it. The road from Senahu is super crazy and only certain trucks can make it out there. We got lucky and got a ride with the choir and followed them around while they sang. Changes have been crazyyyyy and perfect. Well I’ve found waterfalls, caves and walked a whole ton. Everybody in the mission says Yalijux is the best area in the mission and I agree! Time to get some pictures sent out love you all have a good week!!

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