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Friday, June 8, 2012

June 4, 2012

Hey today I will be quick because we have like a half p-day because Wednesday we are going to the temple. This week was weird we didn’t really get much done... but we have 2 baptisms for Saturday haha. 
The thing is Ang-l- got kicked out of her house and wants to move in with her boyfriend. So they are getting married asap and the baptism should be Saturday. 
Next a member's kid's papers never got into the computers and basically isn’t a member so we get to get a free baptism... which is funny that it will count for us and the zone has a goal for baptisms this month and it looks like we are the only ones getting close to the zone goal haha. 
Other than that I don’t really know what’s happening this week, it was a really fast one. 
I’m really enjoying the food here. I eat Subway and McDonalds all the time... I love it haha. 
This change is going really fast and I am enjoying my time with Elder Argueta. Yes his mom and siblings write him but none of them are members. I will get his email for you soon. 
That sucks about Grandpa Asdel. Tell him that I say hi and that the mission is going great and I love him and miss him for me. 
Well I’m getting low on time I am only using for 30 mins today and I’m going to go now love you all have a great week!!

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