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Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 3, 2012

Hey! First off I got the Christmas cards, and my other packages are at the zone leaders house in Teleman so I should get them soon. Which ones are for Christmas and which ones are for before Christmas? 
Haha sounds crazy with all of Morgan’s moving stuff. We will see where they are when I get home ha. 
About the PCH to TO isn’t there a canyon that goes from the PCH to Newbury Park? 
Wet and drizzly sounds about the same as Yalijux right now, I like it. 
Also speaking of Stake conference, we had district conference yesterday, a 70 was here so it was ok but I was so far back in a crappy meeting hall I didn’t hear anything. 
There are no changes in my district, but there is some really good news about changes... Elder Somers (my kid) is training! So I will be a grandpa!! Woo!! Alot of people here are jealous that I’m going to be a grandpa and they don’t even have a kid hehehehe. 
Also the fridge is for me, yay! And the pictures I can't resend cause I don’t have my camera with me. I’m not in Senahu I’m in La Tinta. This week should be good cause  Elder Trejo is coming to my area again. Today for p-day we played on a synthetic soccer field it was fun. Everyone calls me messi cause I work everyone haha. Here in the Tinta I saw huge fireworks so I might have to buy some hehehe. 
This week was another normal week work wise. I’m excited cause we have 3 baptisms coming up soon and they all are basically for sure! S-l-, N-rm-, and P-bl- are their names and their date is the 14th. This week teaching them we just went over the baptismal interview questions. My week was pretty short because I had to get to Senahu for district conference by Sunday so we only worked Tuesday-Friday. That’s really all I have for the week. Love you all have a great week! See you all in 18 weeks hehehe

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