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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 3, 2011

Haha sooo I finally made it to Tikal Futura! Haha and it was not easy! 
So a few nights ago the bridge to Palencia broke in a big storm and we learned that its really hard to get out into the Capital. When we were going to conference we waited for a bus for about 20 mins and none came. Luckily a member passed by and said  "Elders there’s no bus! Come with us the back route!" So we went with them and it took a few hours and we finally made it...late.  So that was Sunday. So now, Monday knowing the bridge is out we figured well we will just walk and ask for hitchhikes until we make it. So we ended up finally making it after about 3 different hitch hikes and yea we made it to where the zone wanted to meet up before. Well they already left… so we were like ok we're already  this far lets ask how to get there by bus. So 2 hours later and a few different busses we made it! Ha.. Tikal Futura is in the south mission. There was some sister missionaries that I met on a bus one day when I was in the CCM and it was cool to talk to them again. Also there was 1 other zone from my mission that has 3 Elders from my group that I haven’t seen since the CCM and it was awesome to see them. We also went and bowled which was super fun! So finally I have made it to Tikal Futura! 
Other than that the huge storm basically destroyed all the roads and they are filled with mud and trees. There was a bunch of mud slides and when we were coming home from conference a semi got stuck in the mud and we had to wait for about a hour before it got out! And then we could pass. Times have been a lil crazy here in Palencia but its fun. I like when things are a lil out of the ordinary.   
The work in my area is slooooooooooow I’m ready to leave this area and start over somewhere else. All my investigators hit the same wall and it sucks. V-ct-r R-d-s is amazing he knows more about the church than half the members and wants to be baptized but wants to wait till his wife wants to also and she wont even listen to us. She just laughs and walks away.  I’m sure he will be baptized but I just wont be here to see it. But I found him and taught him so I'll take some of the credit when he does ha. Changes are coming up and I will know if I’m having a change Sunday. I’m hoping for one.  It sucks cause I love the D--z family and some others so I don’t want to leave but I want to get out somewhere where the work is a lil better. And every body says Palencia 2 is a hard area. * But I’m having fun even though I’m not seeing results. Don’t think I’m discouraged cause I’m not, just gunna keep working. 
I feel like Morgan’s b-day always comes realllllly fast after mine but this time it was suppppppper fast hopefully she has a good one today and got my present!! Well I’m gunna end this now. Love you all thanks for everything. And if you just read this go write me a letter here’s my address

Elder Jake Asdel
Mision Guatemala Ciudad Norte
Apartado 951-A
Guatemala, Guatemala CA

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