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Friday, November 11, 2011

November 7, 2011

 Woooooooooooooooooooooo it’s a week of good news!
First good news was we had a baptism but it was kinda cheating cause she was only 9 but the way things worked out it counted as a baptism for the elders not the branch and I did the baptism which was super cool. I have pictures but I'll send them next week. So yeah all went well with that and she was super excited!
After that we went over to buy our beds. They gave us 800 to buy beds cause we said that was the cheapest and when we got there they were on sale for 500... I’m talking quetzals not dollars haha.  So finally my first night in a bed comes... a very much waited for night!
Well Presidential elections were the next day and out neighbor cooked all night for the party and we didn’t sleep Guate has a new Pres now... Otto Perez Molina, and the whole country went nuts when he won! But that night was good cause I got to sleep.
After that it's p-day and it was zone activity. We went to San Andres (other side of the lake) it was cool there but not as cool as Tikal or something.  All we did was play soccer and eat on the lake shore. Everyone was calling it a beach, but I was like sorry... this is a lake, not an ocean. 
Isla de Flores
Right now we are on the Isla de Flores, Island of Flores and its super touristy here its kinda like Hawaii.  If you ask me zone activity was just ok but whatever I’ll live… and it sounds like Tikal is next on the list. The fun thing today was just hanging out with Elder Way and Elder Payne.
So we are living in the house with beds, and I don’t think there is black mold... how could I check? But now that I actually get good sleep, I’ll be a lil more motivated to work harder :) haha
What you said about Janae... that’s exactly what Way and I talked about today... it is hard to be a missionary and get used to living like this. Elder Way was saying how he never wants to study cause he’s 26 and has been out of school forever and just can't get motivated to study...which I find hard too but I do it haha. The thing that gets me is the freedom, but its not that bad especially with this comp I’m having alot more fun.  So Janae isn’t the only one haha... Elder Way is crazy today, jokingly he was like man if I don’t want to be here anymore I’m so just going to live here in the jungle and leave all my stuff with my comp and run away. Which is funny cause he could totally do it cause he’s a super outdoors man and can make anything from nothing haha.
Right now for investigators we have a good family that live pretty far from La Libertad so it’s hard to get them to church but they are good still. The branch is going to the temple this week and it was really cool to see these people who don’t have money work extra hard to get to the temple for the first time, and there are a few getting sealed.  So I’m happy for all them working hard and then taking a 10 hour bus just to get to the temple!
I’m getting a lil worried about how hot it gets here... I’m always hot and stuff and the people here are saying its pure Christmas weather and its cold. They wear jackets and drink hot drinks all day... so if I’m here in March and April I might melt!
I love the showers they only are a pcp pipe sticking out of a wall and the coldest water shoots out but supposedly in the summer the water comes out hot so if its hot and the water is hot.... I might melt haha. Well that’s all I have this week.  Everybody who has a bed remember to enjoy your bed cause a month without a bed is pretty crappy!! But I have one now!! Love you all! Have a good week!!!

Elder Asdel lives in La Libertad
location of P-day activity
San Andres is at the most northern lake

 *All pictures in this post were found on the internet by Dana

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