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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 21, 2011

I sent alot of pictures I hope you got them all.  Today so far I’ve sat in the back of a truck for a few hours to get to Sayaxhe and use internet... after we are going to play soccer.   
Yesterday we had a satellite conference for all of Guatemala and it was super cool that Hermana Torres was directing the hymns. Also Elder Holland scripted some Spanish and memorized it and was like ok my Spanish is horrible I’m going to speak English and you can enjoy the perfect translation. Then when he was done he started bearing his testimony in Spanish and started using perfect grammar and went off and you could tell it wasn’t scripted. So you could tell his Spanish is actually good or he had the gift of tongues coming in really strong. Maybe if the whole mission was like him we wouldn’t have a bunch of gringos who cant speak Spanish and have 20 months in the mission (yes it happens) missionary moms out there I promise I’m not talking about your kid, maybe. haha.  The conference was also cool because alot of my friends in Peten were there too.   
We have one good family we are working with but they aren’t coming to church so who knows if they really are that great. We’ve been working in La Libertad only and I think we are going to start working our way out to some villages like I did in Palencia with Los Cubes. My area here is huge I have all the way to Mexico so I’m sure we can find something good! So maybe I’ll have some good stuff to talk about soon!   
The weather has been nice, for Peten.  It rains a lil bit and that burns off the heat and then the clouds chill for a lil and then you don’t have the sun trying to melt your skin off, haha. Oh so get this... when our house flooded our phone went with it, but our sim card still worked. Well our zls put our sim in a phone and it blocked it because the phone wasn’t activated. So we had to wait to get the code from the office to unblock it.  After 5 weeks we get the code, (who knows why it took so long) and the code doesn’t work. So I call the APs and say dude the code doesn’t work what’s up?... and he says oh let me give you another one and gives me some random code. Helllllllo! Don’t you know that each sim card has a special code and it only work for that one. You can’t give me the code from a different sim. So now that sim doesn’t work and they are sending us a new one... maybe I’ll have a phone again soon. Well that’s my joke story I have for you today. 
All is well here in La Libertad and we are doing good. I think I’m out of time because my district leader is giving me funny looks hahahahah so I’m gunna go now I love you all and thanks for all your support! Have a good week!

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