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Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 5, 2011

Hey! I’m on the Isla de Flores and its super cool here. The lake is super glassy and perfect for wakeboarding ha, its super touristy here. Haha there is a girl using internet skyping with her boyfriend or something talking about how great it is with him...why doesn’t she go enjoy it and get off of internet...oh well. 
So this week was good, my comp and I started a way to get the members to work with us and presented it at church this Sunday and the members loved it and our schedule is filled with lessons with them. What we are going to do is, if you come out and teach with us you get a point. And for all of the month of December we are going to see who gets the most points and the top 3 win chocolate and a medal that says "member missionary", they are super cool. 
The ways to get a point is, bring a friend to church and introduce us to them, come teach with us, take us to your friends or family’s house that aren’t members. Also the mission has just recently told us that they want members coming with us to teach. And they want us to teach the members how to teach so they teach the lessons and we help. So this week is going to be crazy. Everybody wants to win so it will be a fast month! On Sunday we had one investigator in church and she’s excited. We will be teaching her this week
So today when we were leaving La Libertad, there was a crazy kekchi festival with dancers and costumes. I took some pictures but I didn’t bring my camera cord today. The pictures are sweeeeet.  Today I’m eating pizza hut, I’m excited! Ha. 
I’m excited to see the island here because it’s filled with shops and cool views! So yeah it will be fun. Last Monday, after Sayaxche we basically walked back to La Libertad there wasn’t any jalóns (rides hitchhiking) so we walked forever and this guy gave us a ride but it was only like a mile ride because he was going somewhere else so then we walked again and then like an hour later he picked us up again and took us about another mile and then finally we got a ride in a semi filled with bananas ha. On Thursday my comp hit a year so we had some fun that day. We went to a village in our area realllllly far away haha.  
This week went by super fast and its already Monday again haha. This next week will go by even faster because we are going to be super busy. Well I’m going to end this email and try to talk back and forth with you guys loveee you!! Have a good week.

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