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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

December 19, 2011

Ha wow its already almost Christmas...
ps I’m using a keyboard from about 10 years ago and it sucks, but I’m just going to keep this letter short because we will be talking on Sunday!! wooooo!! 
This week we did divisions with the APs and it was really fun. They came to our area and stayed the night in our house. I went with Thacker and my comp went with Williams. We had a good day. I’ll tell you about it Sunday. haha this keyboard seriously feels like I’m using a typewriter. 
Today was zone activity and once again it sucked haha but oh well I’ll live, maybe next change we will do something cool. We will have a new zone leader next change so maybe he will be more into going to Tikal or something that everyone wants to do. 
Haha so I saw a motorcycle crash the other day... once again on the phone I will explain ha. Just make a list of things you want me to talk about on the phone, and we will a have allllllot more time than we had on mothers day. I’ll send you a text message from the phone we are going to use so you have the number. So you will get a text from a 502 number and I’ll tell you when to call. 
Well we had 2 people with baptism dates but one of them fell this week because she didn’t come to church because she got sick and couldn’t walk sooooo hopefully I’m here another change because if not the new missionary in the area will get my baptisms, lame. I just want at least one more change here after this one because next change is where all of it seems to be going.... 
hmmm soo I honestly have nothing to say I’m just gunna save it for Sunday!! Oh ps I celebrated Hanukah this year and opened one gift each day because I wasn’t patient enough to wait till Christmas, jk I haven’t opened anything yet! welllllll, love you all have a great week!!! Can’t wait to talk!!!!!

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