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Thursday, January 3, 2013

December 31, 2012

Christmas Party in Yalijux
Well this week was good. The Christmas activity went great. There was soccer, caldo, singing, and everything, it turned out awesome. 
This week I was on divisions all week with Elder Asencio. It was really fun (he goes home in two weeks). 
The newlyweds are doing great. This week I was really happy because before we started teaching the two girlfriends both the guys weren’t to active, but this Sunday one blessed the sacrament and other passed and also one of them gave a talk... so now everybody is nice and active! 
Right now we don’t really have much going on. We are in the search for new people to teach. One member that really likes me has been giving us a ton of references, so we will get some news from that. The only bad thing is he leaves for Peten this week for 75 days. 
Today was a pretty good pday. We went to Semuc Champay. It was really cool being there but it sucked not swimming and seeing people on vacation swimming... good thing I’m going to Puerto Rico soon heheehehe. All n all Semuc was cool, it will be cooler when we come back and visit. 
I got to light some fire works off at the Christmas activity and the people loved the big ones. Here for new years they don’t really do much for new years, maybe a couple fireworks here in Senahu. Last year in Peten I thought there would be alot but just a couple.
Have a good week. Love you all!!!!!
Elder Asdel plays Santa
Playing Santa for the children of Yalijux

Little girls with dolls from Santa
Sweet little girl
P-day at Semuc Champay

Elders at Semuc Champay
Elder Asdel enjoying P-day

Elder Asdel looking out over Tzalamila

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