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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 14, 2013

Well this week was a fast one like always. It was a pretty different week some weird stuff happened.  First off, I do not have a change and my comp does. I thought I was going to have a change, but I don’t, I’m staying for my 5th change in Yalijux and I’m pretty excited I’m staying. 
Now to make my letter have some bulk I’m going to explain the many pictures I’m sending. 

At the market in Yalijux
Church in Yalijux
Me up on a small hill with the view of the church and my house to the right of it (not sure if you can really see my house). 

Then we have 7592 to 7596 and that was the first weird part of my week we were walking and all the sudden a car crashed into the little eatery it was pretty crazy. The good thing is that in Yalijux you can only buy food at the places that make food Wednesday and Saturday until about 1pm so there was nobody in there cause it was Wednesday afternoon, but it was super random.   

On with the pictures 

chillin on a rock in the middle of nowhere

7686 this is a lucky ride we got back to Yalijux Friday night after working in San Francisco so we didn’t have to sleep there this car bought cardamomo in San Francisco and was taking it to Tucuru. Cardamomo doesn’t grow everywhere and its a money maker for San Francisco. I’m not sure exactly what they use it for but I know other countries buy it and I think it goes in shampoo and gum I think its a mint type thing...who knows but yeah we rode back on top of all the cardamomo. 

Elder Asdel in Yalijux

Elder Asdel in Yalijux

Making a phone call after hiking to the only spot that has service

Next is just a few pictures in Yalijux and me making a phone call on the mountain where we go to get call service 
Elder Asdel and Elder Asencio

And then a picture with Elder Asencio who goes home in a few days. That was basically my week and we also have a good investigator. named L--n-rd- he has a date in February and is progressing well! Also I need batteries. I need about 6 of them and I’m not sure if it is 3v cr1 or cr2 I just know its the bigger one, the flashlight you sent me uses those so if you send about six I’ll be set until I go home. Love you all and have a good week!

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