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Friday, April 22, 2011

Provo MTC April 22, 2011

hahaha the mini crossbow is awesome send me one of those!!
Anyways! my last week at the MTC was great I cant believe I leave here on Tuesday! I think my layover at lax is from 6-9 pm on Tuesday and I'll have time to call so make sure you answer your phone!  On Tuesday Richard G. Scott came and spoke to us and it was really cool!  I'm going blank on his lesson but i took a billion notes.  Also Yesterday was my last day with my teacher Hermano Black he is a amazing teacher and I'll miss him a lot.  But ill probably forget about him in a few days.  He told us the story about how him and his wife met yesterday and it was pretty good. He's writing a book about it. I think Morgan should hop onto movie rights ha!  This week I got 4 boxes in 1 day. The box from you (mom) and two from Morgan and one from Alyssa. They all were packed with soda, candy, and food and I'm trying to finish it all before I leave!  Morgan's and Alyssa's boxes both had hawaian rolls in them. I thought that was pretty funny.  I met an Elder from Tempe AZ who is in my mission and I am his travel leader for our flight on Tues but he knows a lot of my friends from Tempe and I've seen him at the skatepark there before, so that was kinda cool.  Spanish is going good, I would tell you what I've been learning but I'm bad at typing Spanish and I don't get a lot of time on the computers.  Right now (Friday morning) we went and did temple work and got temple breakfast. The temple breakfast is a million times better than MTC food. Gym time is really fun. Thursdays we have gym with the french and we always destroy them in 4 square.  Ties, I  NEED more ties, my teacher Hermano Briggs had a few ties I liked and they were called wembley ties so search that on ebay and buy me some!  100% polyester is the best but silk is ok too!  I'm really excited to get to the CCM mainly because I'll actually be in Guate but also because we can leave the MTC and go to stores and what not. So I'm excited to roam around Guate to get out.  I haven't heard what my new address in the CCM will be.  I'll let you know as soon as possible but i don't think any letters or packages should get sent here cause I'll be gone before I get them, unless you do the byu same day thing. Morgan you should same day me some Chipotle!!! steak burrito, black beans, rice, pico, corn, cheese and sour cream.  DO it or I'll cry!  I'm getting a hair cut at 9:15 I hope they don't slaughter my hair =D..well time is gone here on the interwebz! adios!

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