Guatemala Flag

Guatemala Flag

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Guatemala CCM (MTC) April 27, 2011

GUATEMALA is amazing!!!!! coolest place I've been before by far I love this place. The flight was good I had my own row and slept the whole time.  The CCM is tiny but nice, way nicer than the mtc. They wanted us to hop on email and let you guys know we didn't get shot yet. ps all the cops have ak47s! ha cop sirens all the time! My room has a good temple view and we are right in the city. The bus that picked us up had flames on it and was driving like crazy!   It's pretty humid not too bad but its ok! well I got to go see ya! love you all!

more details...the flight was an all nighter. Then we had to find our ride and we finally found this bus with flames that was for us and sped us though the city it was pretty fun. We got back and they let us rest. And we had a lil store set up down stairs where the locals made bags and stuff, like we saw in Hawaii.  I bought a cool case for my el libro de mormon ha! Now we are doing some newbie stuff time to go!

they wanted us to tell you about

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  1. Best of luck on your mission Jake. I remember my first day in Florida, walking off the plane in excruciating humid weather. But I got used to it and I loved it.