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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Guatemala CCM May 4, 2011

ok. everything is a little overwhelming I have like no time on p-day to email here at the ccm...I want to reply to everybody's letters but  dont have enough time which sucks. Well anyway, the first week went well. The food is really good except yesterday we had hot dogs and pancakes for breakfast haha. Other than that food is super good. 
I have a comp from Mesa who we're trying to get his gf and Alyssa to hangout. hah! Hopefully they will and can be like, ohh yeah were cool our boifranz are comps. So Alyssa when u read this, get on it! 
The ccm is in the middle of Guate. Everybody has ak-47s. We have guards escort us to the temple when we go. We went the other day just to go talk to people in español its hard! haha but its fun. 
Every day we have amazing juices at meals which are gonna make juice at home weak! 
Well I also have a latino comp with my norte comp (if your from north america you're called a norte) and at night in our room we talk about american pop culture and what not with our latino, its great. I learned the sponge bob song in spanish and all kinds of other stuff. My latino comp is from El Salvador, his name is Elder Huezo. 
So the longer I'm here the more I hear about how bad the mail is. So if you want to get a letter to me I'd say use pouch...figure it out, idk how to explain it. Dear elders are good too, they go with pouch, so I guess I get dear elder once a week ish idk. So if your gonna send me a package don't bother sending it to the ccm. Just send it to my mission home! I haven't gotten any letters or dear elders yet...hopefully soon! Also mom, you should maybe try to 3 way with Alyssa on Sunday so she can listen in! And hopefully Dad and Morgan will be around. So I think on Sunday you call at 5:30 p.m  idk.  They don't tell us anything here! Well I have no time left time to go I'll talk to you all on Sunday! Bye I love you!

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