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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11, 2011 Guatemala CCM

Time for my very rushed email of the week! 30 minutes is hard to type a good email!  
Well to start off I have no idea what I already told you! 
But I do know i didn't tell you that I got to go to the middle of the city on Monday with a latino comp and we did contacts! We contacted 11 people and we ended up getting 10 new investigators! So those will all be forwarded to the missionaries in this area and they will teach them lessons.

It was awesome being in the middle off the city but we weren't allowed to take money which sucked because there were people selling mangos, soda, and everything! It really sucks cause all there is to drink at the CCM is water and juice at meals. So I really wanted a mango and a soda!!!  But in a few weeks when I'm in the field soda will be easier to get than water!!! So thats ok with me! 

The latins here are great. They brush their teeth after every time they eat something. So I've been having great brushing habits!  
I play futból every morning with the latinos and some nortes and its really really really fun its the best thing all day! ha ha! 

What else... Oh! I get to go to the city and go shopping on Wednesday, a week from today. That will be really fun cause we get to barter and what not. I no longer have American money I only have quetzal which is cool cause its 7.25 qtz to 1 dollar. I feel like I have a ton of money! 

Our latinos and older nortes leave on Monday. So after that we will be the oldest district and then new latinos and nortes will come Wednesday. 
So far all is well, I heard 5 gun shots the other day which was pretty cool! ha ha. 
Oh... so last night we had a 70 here and he was talking about how every mission pres wants the hard workers from Idaho and not the lazy California surfer boys and everyone turns around and looks at me because I'm the only person from California. And he goes I take it we got one surfer boy haha. That was pretty funny. 

hmmm I don't know what else... I feel like I'm blankkkkkkk. 
Days here go by slow, but weeks go by fast. So all the time it feels like a week of mush and I have no idea what happened what day...
I know Morgan wants a Guate bag like the one we saw in Hawaii. So I'll get her one soon and send it home. Does any one else want one? Alyssa? Mom? Dad? I only have a few weeks left here. I'm really excited to be done with the CCM MTC stuff and have some fun! Well I have no time and nothing else to say so goodbye. I'll talk to you soon!

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