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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 17, 2011 Guatemala CCM

Hey all this week was different… so I get internet today! But next week it will be Wednesday again! Soooo today was by far the best day! First of all the Latinos and older district left and now we are the oldest district with newbies coming in tomorrow. So I will be getting a new Latino comp!
But the reason today was super awesome was because we went to a market that has everything from knifes to soccer jerseys and anything. I bartered in Spanish for everything I got, which was fun. I got a red Pepsi Guatemala soccer jersey, a switchblade, a Mayan stone knife, Guate stickers, bracelets, and 3 Guate bags like the one we saw in Hawaii....
Oh I forgot, before we went there we went to a topical map of Guatemala. It was super cool to see the layout of Guatemala. It was huge, and took 16 to 20 years to make.
After the market we went to a mall, the most modern mall I have ever been to, it was crazy. We ate McDonalds and Tacobell. Then we went to a camera store and bought more memory cards for my camera, and I bought speakers for my ipod. The speakers were 400 quetzals, but it was worth it, they are really good. 100 quetzals is 12ish American so you can do the math. Next Elder Gunnell and I went to find shoes and we found the sickest dress shoes for 100 qtz, it was great. Who knows how long the will last haha. Then after the mall we went to a place that had exhibits about ruins and stuff, which was fun!
Now I’m back at the MTC and I have to finish laundry and whatnot for next week. This week was pretty boring but today made up for it! Oh and the best part! I got my first sodas! yeeeee! I bought 4 cokes and brought them back to the CCM! Haha it’s sad how much everybody wants soda here! So only 3 more weeks till I'm out getting soda everyday! Ha.
I feel like my Spanish is going really well. I understand most everything people say to me and I also can say almost anything I want to say in extremely basic Spanish. I had no problems talking to the store workers in Spanish. But there were a few times I didn’t know how to say “speaker”, so I tried to explain what I wanted, and he said, I can assist you in English if you like. Haha… funny stuff! Well I’m out of things to say and time…
So bye bye! Love you all and have a great week. I’ll talk to you in 7 days!

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