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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25, 2011 Guatemala CCM

Hi mom and others reading this! This week was really good it went by really fast. We got newbies in so now we’re oldest ones here. I don’t really have anything to talk about sorry, but the CCM is pretty boring. Same thing every week... nothing new.  But it is fun here so don’t worry!  I am really excited I get to leave today at lunch time to go to the doctor so that means I get real food for lunch!!! Yeeee!!! I’m going to the doctor for 2 reasons, one is I just wanted to get out to the real world and second is to get rid of a wart I’ve had on my hand for probably 3 years. I figure it was a good reason haha. My comp needed glasses so we got to go to the eye doctor haha and we’re picking them up tomorrow. I have a really funny story about us getting soda. My comp and I made good friends with the maintenance guys and then left them a note and money to bring us back coke.  We thought it would never work but it did!!! Yeee! And we did it again yesterday and got more! We love them and our coke!!! I’ll send home a picture of the note when I have a chance to send photos in 2 weeks!.... Holllllllly cow I'm out of here in 2 weeks!! Good thing I feel good about my Spanish. Tell dad to handwrite me a Spanish letter. I’m pretty sure I’ll understand the whole thing. Now that we are the old North Americans we go to all our meetings in Spanish, no more English, and I understand all, which is good. The one thing that none of us understand is subjunctive! Ahhhhh it’s dumb - nobody gets it.... one day!  I don’t really have anything to say! I promise in two weeks my letters will get more interesting!! I have a ton of emails I haven’t read that I’d like to read so sorry for the short email this week but I’ll make up for it soon!... love you all!
I forgot…27 people got their heads chopped off in Peten with chainsaws recently...yup that’s my mission!

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  1. Hoped you and your mom wouldn't hear about the 27 people. Dr.Wikholm said they probably felt no pain. Didn't know it was with a chainsaw!! We will continue to pray for your safety.. So happy you got your soft drink supply. Love you"!.