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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1, 2011 Guatemala CCM

Hey how’s it all going? Last p-day in the CCM and I'm out of here!!! Yeeeee! Time to get out and do something!
Lets see this week I have one story and that’s about it and then next week I promise my emails will get more interesting!! Here’s my story, there are these things that come one day in Guatemala called san pops de mayo.  Basically they are giant ants and they have wings. So they fly down, land, shed their wings and go on with life... get eaten by birds... Well as Elder Way, Elder Gunnell and I were looking at them and a local came up and said, “ohhh son popos! Sabe rico!” Which means they taste rich/good and we talked to him about how you’re supposed to eat them.  He said to cook them con limon y sal. Sooooooo we collected about 50 of them and took them back to the CCM and asked one of the hermanas that work in the kitchen if she would cook them for us for our breakfast and she said yes!!!
So we go up stairs to shower and then go back down and she brings them to us in a bowl with limon and some sal. So I ate them and they were soooo good! Idk how to explain the taste but it was good. So now I have eaten giant ants :) haha anyways the rest of my week was pretty routine and I am just getting ready to leave. Sorry for the short email but that’s all I really have!
Love you all. I'll talk to you soon. I have no idea when my next p-day is!

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