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Monday, June 13, 2011

Palencia 2 ~ La Joya

Ok everybody! I’ve made it to the field! My first area is in the capital called Palencia 2. Although it’s in the cap we are nowhere near the cap, we are in the mountains! My companion is Elder Rowan from Idaho. And yes mom, his mom is part of the missionary moms group!
Well my house is made of cinder blocks and there is a kitchen living room and bedroom. I am going to try to attach pictures. I live in an area of Palencia called La Joya.
So far I've met a lot of the member families that are awesome. One of them is familia Diaz. The mom is the young women’s pres and she has two daughters that are always playing American pop music in the house. One night I talked to Kristal for a while about American music artists and stuff. She was loving it. I think she’s about 16.
Another family is familia Ajpop they have 2 awesome boys 9 and 11 they just got baptized and are working on their older sisters, trying to get them back to church. The 2 boys, Michael and Kobe didn’t want us to miss the NBA finals so they turned it on for us. Haha bad missionaries oh well...
Lets see, I walk alottttt and sweat alllott. They have little stores everywhere to buy snacks and stuff. I always get bolsas de agua puro, which is basically a cold bag of water you bite a hole in and drink up. One picture I am going to attach is a laky omelet it’s an omelet made of top roman.
Oh yeah, one day last week there was a church activity to raise money for this family who needs a house. We are going to be building them a house on Saturday, which will be about an hour hike from Palencia. At the activity there was a member who’s a dj and he blasted music all day. There was volleyball and we played with the ward members. The members would get all happy when I would spike the ball.
Since today is p-day and there is a Wal-Mart in our zone we went there and went to a sit down pizza hut where they played American music....America! Ha ok I’m going to try to upload photos now! Bye all I love you!

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  1. Looks like a grest place. Cute house and nice food. Even a Walmart. Glad there sre nice families and yoi will be building a house. Good work. Love you.