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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!!! Well I hope you had a great birthday and it sounds like it was after reading your email with all the adventures! I’m glad everything worked out. I also wrote you a letter but who knows when it will get sent cause the post office is never open and I’m only in Senahu for a very short time every week.

Well there was a nice chunk of questions in my email so I will answer those and then proceed to me week. Well I actually like sending pictures and explaining them better than trying to write a letter... I’m no English major. Ha, speaking of being a English major I think I’m going to study Arabic when I get home what do you guys think of that?

How are things going out there for you and Elder Smith? Good. still trying to work through the rain but we are still getting stuff done, just a ton of rain is not helping.

Do you have any new investigators? Yes we do, one named E-g-n-- and one that I forgot his name but he is a member’s brother that he gave us the reference. They both seem like good possibilities and they both have families. It’s so hard to find good families especially here in Yalijux.

How is L--n-rd- C--l C--l doing? good/bad he needs to go to church 7 times before he gets baptized because he is underage and school just started up so its hard to find him =/

Where you able to start teaching that couple that wanted help getting married? We can only find the wife, the men here seem to ¨yoo chi b´eek¨ aka go on walks, men are never home they are always out on a walk.

How are your feet doing? Are your shoes holding up still? Not a problem, I only use rubber boots so I’m set

Did you hear anything about no more sister missionaries being called to Guatemala? I have not heard a single word

Ok my turn.

1. This is me cutting the lock off the fence to the church/my house because it no longer worked, I used a tool for sharpening worked.

2. A candle I may or may not have already shown you. We never have electricity cause we have solar panels and there is never sun so its a tin I made filled with gas with a ripped t-shirt stuffed into a battery works amazing.

3. just walking in the mud in Yalijux, one reason we always wear rubber boots

4. Just a little waterfall my comp went and found after district meeting while waiting for our truck to Yalijux (in Serit Kiche)

5. Same place, (can you see my green boots? they are sick!!!!! I’m the only one with green ones cause only I know where to get them hehehhe)

                                                          6.same place

7. Tzalamila we went on a huge walk this day! Sooooooo far haha but it was awesome we also got a ride for about 5 mins in a car from a lady from Scotland I told her my last name is Hay and my Grandpa likes to wear kilts and she laughed. She lives in Guatemala City and does humanitarian aid type stuff. Her last name was Sinclair. Duces. Tzalamila, you can see about an eighth of the walk I did that day haha

                9. A huge slide super steep and probably dangerous, in Tzalamila

                                                    10. The slide

            11. The day in Tzalamila pointing where I will be in the next hour or so

                  12. The day in Tzalamila pointing where I was an hourish ago

            13. One of our destinations that day, thankful for the food and hammock!

14. PURE BEAUTY!!!!!! A KEKCHI SHOWING EMOTION!!!!!!! That right there is worth a million bucks and a half. She is making a bag, not the type of bag I showed you last week. She is making the type I have that is red white and black with designs and says AJ Asdel, I sent a picture a while ago

                                   15. Chilllllllin

              16. My food, my comps food. Yes that is all we have.

17. Today at the Spadling's making some pumpkin spice cookies! Thanks for the stuff to make it.

Well that’s all I got I hope you all enjoyed and I hope you had a great birthday Mom. I love you all and have a great week!

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