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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 11, 2013

So how is E-g-n-- and the other guy coming along? They aren’t progressing, aka: they listen to us but they never come to church.

With L--n-rd- it just got really hard...  he lives in San Fran (2 hour walk from Yalijux) he just started school in Semarac (another hour away) Monday to Friday and its impossible to catch him. Its really tough with him so we probably wont be focusing on him much.

I would think it would be hard for people to grasp how things are supposed to go when they have never seen how meetings run here in the states. Oh yeah, its way different. I feel like I know 3 churches, English, Spanish, and Kekchi alllllll way different from the last. It kinda sucks cause they all should be the same. But that’s why I’m here in Yalijux, teaching people the correct way of doing church.  If the missionaries weren’t here the church would get real apostate real fast. Like some areas here in the mountains where there are no elders now the churches are doing really bad or closed.

This week was good! My comps feet are destroyed from the rubber boots but his feet will toughen up soon ha. I have no time really but I’m gunna send some fun pictures cause I like sending pictures way more then writing letters. 
But first off this week was good like I said. We found some nature and nature made us clean on Tuesday while waiting for our truck to Yalijux (we were in Serit Kiche). Then we made it up to Yalijux and by then the day was over. 
Wednesday I explored a cave for my 22 month mark and it was awesome! Dangerous but don’t worry I’m alive and I don’t plan on going back. 
Then we just had a normal work week. One day we went down to San Fran to find L-- and he wasn’t there and San Fran is a all day thing so that day was lost. 
And then we helped with a birthday party, de-graining and crushing corn. Then the next day was the party and we only went for like 10 mins.... it sucked. I felt so bad we had to leave but we had to walk to Senahu. So when we go back I’m gunna get her a present. I’m pretty sure she turned 12. So yeah we walked to Senahu yesterday and my comp got his feet wrecked but we made it so yeah that was my week it was short but good. P-day all I did was organize my stuff. Its super hot and we didn’t want to do anything.

picture time

Thrift store vest

thrift store vest

Serit Kiche waiting for the truck to Yalijux

Cave exploring on my 22 mark - tiny bridge over lake haha

Lake in the cave - throwing up 22 months and a kiss

Shirt after the cave
walking to Senahu yesterday and found a tractor ha!
That’s all love you all and have a great week!!

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