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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February 18, 2013

Well I’m going to write a quick email cause I’m low on time! 
This week was good, we visited alot of members and took pictures with them to print out and leave with them so we visited like everybody. My favorite thing we did this week was visit M-r-h-, the little girl whose birthday we missed and we just hung out and then they took us to the woods to gather wood. Smith and I brought a ton wood back for them which was nice cause there is no man of that house, just the mom and her lil girls. So I enjoyed that. 
My comps feet were destroyed so we didn’t do much walking this week just stayed mainly in the center of town.   
Our investigators are not great right now. This week I really want to find some news and get some wheels turning. The good thing is this week I’m doing splits with an Elder that was in Yalijux before. And I’m going to see if he has anybody in mind to teach that he was teaching yaaaaaa. 
Last night was fun, it was so cold in San Fran so we made a fire in the church to keep us warm... don’t worry we didn’t sleep close enough for it to burn our blankets and the church is made of sticks and metal sheets so the smoke left easily. That’s about all I’m going to send some pictures now!

going to get wood

gathering wood

the girl we missed her b-day

bringing back some wood

a tired pig
Elder Smith and Elder Asdel in San Francisco
sleeping in the church in San Fran
staying warm
trying to stay warm and dry last night!
Your questions:

So can you still see your breath in your house? Not everyday but yes, we got some nice hot sun this week and then a crazy wind rainstorm

Have you gotten any travel plans yet for coming home? No, I should get an email soon that is for you to fill out about then a few weeks later get the dates and times. My comp has his and he gets to lax at 12:30 I’m hoping for that same flight just in 6 weeks.

 Yes I got the package, thank you!

Yes we are in the hunt for some news

 How has church attendance been lately? This week 68 in Yalijux and 15 in San Francisco

 Are you getting much help from the members in finding people to teach? yes and no

Do all these little villages go to church separate or together? We have Yalijux branch and SF group

How has the music teaching been going? Its going ok, my comp and I sing loud and the very few that read sing with us and the rest just sit and listen, once they all have the songs memorized they will sing again.

Hopefully your Spanish skills are staying sharp. I’m forgetting random words I knew but my grammar and all that is fine and that’s what really matters with Spanish.

Love you all have a great week!!!

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