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Sunday, March 10, 2013

February 25, 2013

Hey family and who ever else is reading this. If you haven’t found it yet I sent you a powerpoint this week cause I thought it would be something random to do haha. But I’m also going to send my weekly letter. 
So this week as you know I was with Elder Salinas until Thursday, everything was good. I kinda was disappointed, I thought we were going to do more but we really didn’t have time so we kinda just visited some families that he knows here from when he was here and they are all people I know so that didn’t really help me find anybody new. But it was fun with him. He is from Peru and he says Trujillo mission is cool cause it's not in the big city so it's not all crazy, and its one of the cooler missions from Peru. He also said his brother just got called to that mission. Also make sure you tell Zach I’m super excited for him and he’s going to have an amazing time in his mission.  Try to get me his email if you can too, that would be nice. 
So we ended our splits a lil early cause we had interviews with Pres Watts and his wife on Thursday. So Thursday morning Salinas and I took the cattle truck from Yalijux to Senahu and then got ready for interviews. Haha... while waiting for Pres Watts, I met a kid from San Deigo that played soccer for Pegasus and we talked about Surf Cup and State Cup haha. He’s 19 though so I probably never played him. 
I had my interview with Pres Watts and it was good. They are only like 10 mins if that, so it’s kinda lame but I know he’s super busy. He started off saying ´´so Elder Asdel you only have one change left´´. I told him ´´yeah I’d also stay longer but I don’t think my mom dad or sister would let me so it looks like I gotta go.´´ And he said ´´yeah I’m pretty sure I could convince the Prophet to let me keep missionaries longer but I don’t think that would fly with their moms´´ haha. 
But yeah, my interview with him was good and also my quick interview with Hermana Watts was good. 
After that we hurried out and hopped on the cattle truck back up to Yalijux. Let me tell you that going down and up in the same day is nuts! I got back to Yalijux so tired and dead.   
So this week I was also able to put a new baptism date with a little kid who was never baptized. I think his family was less active when he turned 8 so now that he is almost 10 he needs to get baptized.  His name is -lfr-d-  and I put the date for this coming Saturday.   
This last Saturday we made a giant fire for Smith’s two year mark and it was fun. 
Fire we made for Smith

Me standing by the fire

Sparks and the moon

This Sunday was great, we had 109 people in church and a ton of less actives that had never come since I have been here. I was talking with the Branch President after church and he was extremely happy so it was good to see him happy like that. Also we take the tithing down to Senahu and it is always just 1 envelope of money and this week was 2 envelopes so that was awesome.  Looks like the branch is getting better with tithing!  
Lets see ah... also I got your bag you asked for mom and if you want one Morgan just tell me what kind and color you want cause it takes a few weeks and I have to ask this coming week.  I also got all the Kekchi skirts for you guys made and I just need to get the shirts and ship them and that’s done.  Oh so the news about the mission split is true. From what I understand Mission North and South will divide their areas of the capital and make East and South Missions, and every part of north Mission outside of the cap will be Coban Mission. So Coban Mission will be the sickest mission ever. The Watts are really sad about it because they will be East Mission and they obviously don’t want to lose half the missionaries. I’m very glad I wont be here for the split. So yeah it’s going to get a lil crazy with all the switches. I remember how crazy it got when Pres Torres left and Watts came. Well gunna wrap this up and send it off and I’ll explain my pictures. Love you all and have a great week! haha oh mom don’t worry Smith already wants to get a pedicure!
Just a little horse I tried to get on but I got scared and scared it so it didn't work

Girls bringing corn home that we found on our way to visit their family
The cattle truck I rode down in from Yalijux... and its cold at 4:00am
Just a little waterfall in Yalijux
reshaping some bull balls and making them into a bag
Smith had a giant flag... so we flew it for a day

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