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Monday, March 11, 2013

March 4, 2013

Hey! How are you guys doing? This week was good. We basically took pictures and said bye to people. 
Oh yeah... ps I don’t have a change. So I will be starting my 6th change in Yalijux. But yeah this week was good. 
We had our baptism of -lfr-d- Y-t Ch-c and I baptized him so that was fun.  


Smith and I went out to the German hotel to look for quetzal birds before he left, but they haven’t migrated back yet so we didn’t see any, they come back in April.... hmmm. 
But while we were out there I found out the guy that runs it, grows and jars naranjilla juice. Its super good for you and tastes so good. Its a long trek from my house to there but I will probably go weekly to pick more up.

Last night Smith left on a bus to Coban at 3am and I stayed here in Senahu with the other elders. And I will be waiting for my comp here until Wednesday and then back in my area by Thursday or Friday. Smith was very excited to get out of here.

The mission is getting really weird, lots of people in trouble. I don’t know what happened, but my last comp and his new comp both are gone. His comp went home and I think my comp is in the office. Maybe a fight? A ton of changes and crap its just getting weird. The mission has more drama than high school girls.

So here is some good news!!! I’m going to be a great grandpa!!!! So yes, Somers´ kid is training this change!! Also Somers has a change but he knows he isn’t going to the Cap, so I’m pretty sure he will be staying in Coban mission (at least we hope so)

How are you feeling about this change that is coming up? I’m feeling good, I don’t really want it to go fast. I really am hoping I get a new elder to the zone so I can teach him Kekchi

What has the weather been like lately? Super cold, crazy wind, no sun so now electricity at my house (solar)

Have you been able to acquire some more food then just eggs and noodles? (I guess that a pretty decent diet... your dad eats a ton of eggs in PR) I have acquired the best juice ever as mentioned

Any plans for your p-day? Just waiting for changes and playing soccer

Have you been over to the Spradlin's lately? She posted that they will be in the Coban mission when the boundaries change. How long have they been serving? No I have not. They have like 14 months

Did you get the batteries in your package? I realized after I sent it that I didn't put what you asked for. I think I sent 4 and you asked for 6. I did and the first set is starting to die. I’ll be fine I don’t think you need to send more
Elder Smith and Elder Asdel

So the pictures I sent are my comp and I during the Guate national anthem when the Alcaldeza (women governor) I don’t know what that’s called in English. But its when she came to dedicate the new school. I also sent a picture of her standing by her banner haha. And the meat they gave away as a present from her to the city.
So yeah this last week was basically waiting for Smith to leave and this week will be wait for me to have a comp. This email is really scattered and I’m gunna end it now. I hope I got all the good stuff out! Love you all and have a great week!

Dedication of new school
Gift to the city

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