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Saturday, March 16, 2013

March 11, 2013

Hey! okokokok here we go in my last change! (hoping it goes slow).

Here’s the update, I’m still in Yalijux and here I will die, 6 changes. My new comp is from Peru and I’m his Kekchi trainer, which I’m very happy about. Its been awesome so far. I am happy with my comp that will be killing me. His name is Elder Mendiz and he has like 16 months in the mission.

Good night sleep
So Monday till Thursday I was here in Senahu. I was sick of sitting around so I went and working with Elder Salguero and his comp in Seamay which was fun. Then I slept at Elder Reyes and Sparacinos house (good night sleep pic). Then the next day my comp got here and we headed up to Yalijux.

Elder Mendiz is happy to be here and learning Kekchi. He has had his whole mission in the Cap and was happy to leave. I was scared I was gunna get someone that didn’t want to learn.(yes there are lots)

So yeah this week I was just taking my comp around Yalijux and having him meet everybody. So we did alot of visiting members. This next week I’m hoping to get some references from members to kick start Yalijux back up.

Also I hope all is well with Grandpa Hay!

Did you get a chance to email Zach? Yes and he emailed me back and invited me to Hawaii before he leaves!

What's your new companions name and where is he from? Mendiz from Peru

Have you ruined his feet this last week? nahhhhh

Is that family coming to church now? Yes they are!

How is your district? Good!

 Do you like the guys in it? Yeah it’s a good one

What about the zone leaders? the new one here is Stone and he’s a cool kid (he was in Seamay when I came to Yalijux)

So yeah all is good and I’m out of internet time and I gotta get off of here I love you all and have a great week!

Sorry I have no time to explain the pics!!
good people

San Jose river pass

Lix Vampira
this morning
this morning
this morning

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