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Saturday, March 30, 2013

March 25, 2013

Hey! Happy Birthday Dad and I’m glad all went well with birthday stuff! 
So this week was zone conference... so I basically did nothing! 
We were in our area Wednesday Saturday and Sunday. So yeah that’s basically all we did this week which was kinda lame but whatever. 
So lets see, Wednesday, we got to the area and just went out and had some regular visits and then the branch invited us to play soccer with them so we went and played soccer for a few hours, so that was fun. Thursday we went down to Serit Kiche and I went to one lesson with Morris and Munn (Morris is one of the Elders in Serit Kiche and Munn is in Chijolom) In that lesson I put a baptismal date for the 6th of April (to bad its not in my area haha) but yeah so that was cool. 
After that we headed down to Senahu and then we slept there and went to zone conference in the valley. It was cool to see everybody there. Then we made our way back and I got to my area Saturday, had a half day and then Sunday... church was good I’m still teaching the young mens and womens class so that’s fun. 
Now I’m here in Senahu for p-day which was fun because a homie from California came here (they are district Chulak and came to say bye to me) but it was fun to have them here and also play soccer with the kid from California. He played for Pegasus the San Diego team. His name is Elder Morberly. Also Elder Salazar from Chile was here. So yeah that’s basically all. Oh yeah and to answer your questions

Sis Watts put a photo up on facebook from your Senahu district. You must have had a meeting recently with them. Zone conference combined with zone Polochic

So how are things going with training your comp and teaching him Kekchi? eh its ok, I’m scared for what happens when I leave

I thought your story of the hot chilies was funny. We ate more chili this week like always and it was just as fun haha

Too bad you didn't get him the change before last so you could have had more time preparing him for the area. Yes that would have been very nice.

We all got a really good chuckle out of you in the kekchi dress... this week I bought the hair pieces to so now you are full on set up for the kekchi style

Maybe my pictures will make my letter more bulky haha.


chili!...this is the chili i eat all the time, it is more spicy then the green chilies they give us, this stuff makes my hands go numb, yes I ate all that is in that picture. 
Funny thing about that chili is we went to the branch pres´ house and he said hey we don’t have any food but we can offer chili but you don’t have to eat it cause it makes me cry and I said gimmie I’m gunna eat it all!

Elder Asdel and Elder Hansen

all the pictures with names are just us at zone conference
*About 6 picture titles were posted with out pictures. Hopefully he can resend them next week.
note: the internet was too crappy to send pics so I'll get them to you later.

love you all and have a great week!

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