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Thursday, March 21, 2013

March 18, 2013

Hey how are you guys doing? haha first off I can’t believe Brenton is putting in his papers, he still seems like 10 years old to me. Alright now to update you on your questions...

So tell me how hard you made your companion work this week. Well I took him to the end of the area to get the juice and he survived, I was able to get 4 bottles of concentrate!

Have you found any new people to teach? Not really just kinda working with what we have but its going slow

How are those cute little kids you always have great photos of? They are good, always running around and doing whatever

Are you getting enough to eat and have you been back to get more naranjilla juice? Yes and yes

I looked that fruit up online and saw one cut crossed section. Its a pretty fruit and looks yummy

Are mangoes coming into season? Mangoes are in season but nobody sells them pre cut and it’s not fun to cut them yourself

Will your little branches have a way to listen or watch general conference?
Yes the church gets cattle trucks and takes all the people down to Senahu where we get it through satellite

 Do they translate that into Kekchi? Yes they do

So yeah this was my second week with my comp out in Yalijux, it went pretty good. My comp is trying to learn Kekchi but its hard obviously. Your first change out here you normally don’t get anything, not until your second change. So yeah it’s weird being the one doing all the talking. 
Lets see... Tuesday a member moved his house to a different place and we tried to help but by the time we got there they were almost done. But the next day we went out to get the juice and also when we made it back there was a party at the members new house so we went and ate and left. 
Also when we were out getting the juice there was a returned missionary at the hotel with his wife and he told me he was here at the same time as Logan Henderson. I forgot his name but his Kekchi name was laj hix (lock hish) the tiger. 
This week I did alot of showing the area to my comp so he knows all the members houses and different paths that I know so when I leave he isn’t completely screwed. The members LOVE visits from the missionaries so they all liked that. Haha speaking of visiting members there is one family that we always get along well with and my comp really wanted to try caldo from Yalijux... but people had only been giving us tortilla and chili. So I told him how to say I’m hungry is there caldo and when we got to the house that’s all he said cause he couldn’t say anything else and there was caldo so we ate caldo. Caldo is basically meat (cow, pig, duck, or chicken) boiled in water and the broth is like a soup with meat, normally very spicy. Haha now that we are talking about food, also at another house the members asked me if I eat chili and I said yes and they were like are you sure its a very spicy kind and I still said yes. Then I asked my comp and he said no so only I had some, about a cereal bowl half full. And it was super spicy even for me and then I convinced my comp to take a bite and he was dieing and the members though it was funny and so did I haha.

Well I got all the corte dresses and shirts bought and everything, do you want them shipped home or should I bring them in my bags?

So yeah everything is good. I can’t believe I only have 4 weeks left. It’s awesome but sucks at the same time.

So here are my pictures
my driving socks for when I get home ha

just sitting at my desk, cold night
my comp washing his face in the river
at the lil party eating tortilla with bean in it
me making a tortilla
a lil snack at a members
crossing over the barbwire

Well that’s all I got for the week and I love you all, have a great week!

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