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Thursday, October 4, 2012

September 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Elder Asdel
Hello, this week was obviously my birthday and it was fun out in Yalijux. I enjoyed my packages with my presents and yummy food!
This week we went everywhere and found some news (investigators). We were in San Antonio, San Jose, Chelemha, and Yalijux. We found news everywhere and some news in Yalijux. haha When we were walking back for Chelemha this guy yelled out to us asking if we knew what he was eating was called. And we were like yeah give us one and he said there was no more, but then the house next door was like we have food come eat... so we ate and taught them and they were going to come to church with us but the husband left early Sunday morning, so we are hoping next week forsure. 
Right now it's time to cut down and haul the corn that every body plants.... which is evvvverywhere. So this week my comp and I want to find some members who have corn and help them harvest. I think it will be fun. 
Lets see, also this week we had a fun activity where the branch pres made food for everybody and about 130 people showed up... that was the night before my b-day so that was a fun activity to go to. This week with my new lens I’ve taken a ton of pictures. Some aren’t the best quality cause I’m learning how to use them but they are super cool and fun! Thanks for all the b-day wishes, love you all. Now I’m going to find all the pictures I want to send and hopefully you get them! Have a good week.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
birthday package from home

Birthday presents
Elder Asdel with the children in Yalijux
Members gather in Yalijux

Fun night with members

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