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Sunday, September 23, 2012

September 17, 2012

Hey well first off I didn’t hear about the volcano till today haha... and the wind blew it away from the capital so nothing came towards my mission. I don’t think they were evacuating kekchi villages it was probably qiche villages, which is another language here in Guatemala. But my mission has no qiche just kekchi. 
Apart from that I got both my birthday packages today and I took the cake to the Spradling’s to make the cookies for me tonight since I will be in Yalijux on my actual birthday. So tonight at 9 I will be celebrating haha. 
This week was good we were able to work until Thursday normal and then my comp cut his toe really bad walking barefoot out side of the house so we just laid low after that. This week was fun tho, we were able to visit members and do some service. 
Today for p-day we just played soccer and now we are using Internet. And I will be eating chicken sooner or later haha. Haha so today something super random happened... so I was walking to the Spradling’s to ask if she could make my cookies, and when I left in the same housing area Hermana Spradling was talking to these girls and we just said "hey" and kept going on with regular life. Then later at breakfast the girls were there, and one of them told me I looked familiar.  We found out we have a ton of mutual friends...  one of my friends was her roommate. So yeah someone I kinda know is here visiting Guatemala, super random. 
This week my pictures are a pig eating my comps blood, a fire we had for Guatemala Independence day and some random other stuff. Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes and I’ll have fun in the mountains on my birthday! Love you all have a good week

Oh yeah they split zone Polochik and I’m no longer in Polochik I’m in zone Senahu and its basically the mountain zone! So yeah random news

zone Polochik was just really big so they split it. The mission is super low on numbers they have actually been closing areas. This last change they closed the place where I trained at.

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