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Thursday, September 20, 2012

September 10, 2012

What’s up? This week was finally pretty normal. My comp and I got back to Yalijux on Tuesday. We really wanted to check out this bridge so we took longer to get back but we got cool bridge pictures. 

After that we made out way back to the house. Then this week was a normal week of work. We visited alot of members so I can learn where thier houses are and we hung out with a lot of cool little kids. I love the little kids here. haha - so there is this one light on my flashlight that when you move in front, you look like you have like ten more of what’s passing thru the light. Well this one little girl got super in to it and focused, and I have really funny videos. 

So Thursday we were supposed to get out to San Antonio Las Puertas to teach the Ch-c family and we were like half there and we saw the member we go to thier house with (the Ch-c family), and they were walking to the city to go get the food the government drops off so that lesson fell. Friday was just a normal day and then Saturday we climbed a mountain to find out changes and neither of us have a change yeeeeeee. Then Sunday was church and then a 5 hour walk to Senahu in the pouring rain haha. It was great, I don’t know if I have ever walked that far in my life hahah. I really don’t have much to say but that’s always how week 6 is. But what I do have are pictures. enjoyssssssss them love you all have a good week!!!

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