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Monday, September 10, 2012

August 27, 2012

 Did you feel the earthquake?
Nope didn’t feel the earthquake.

Where are you living during the week if you leave your suitcase in a house and take a few clothes each week up into the mountains? I have two houses one in Senahu and one in Yalijux. I am in Yalijux Tuesday until Sunday and I take a backpack up there with the things I need
Do you need some more Doctor Scholls foot supports since you are doing so much walking? Nope I have them in my shoes and they are good

Do you need new shoes? No

Are you starting to be able to speak the Kekchi language? Yes it’s coming along

Where is San Antonio compared to Yalijux? (I ask because you said the Ch-c family is from San Antonio) San Antonio is about an hour and 45ish walk from Yalijux

Well this week was pretty dumb, I was only in my area for like a day and a half and we weren't able to get anything done. We were in Senahu for p-day and then they told us to stay down because there were interviews... but my comp and I had an important lesson on Thursday with the Ch-c family so we went back up all the way to San Antonio just to tell them we can’t come on Thursday. Then in the morning we came back to Senahu and then Thursday we had interviews. So by the time we got back to Yalijux we had no time to do anything... and after church we came back to Senahu. So yeah basically did nothing this week. Kind of annoying but whatever. 
Interviews went well but they are super fast so you don’t really talk about much. And they rushed us cause they wanted us to try to get back to Yalijux, which is basically impossible, but somehow we managed to get there haha. Well the good thing about me having absolutely nothing to talk about I can get some pictures send haha.

The first picture is the chicken and fries I get to eat about once a week      
Next is me in our church that isn’t even a church haha, its the shed until our church gets finished
Next is my comp and the cutest little girl ever
Next is my new Kekchi name tag

Then the next two are my comp and I going to the top of a mountain

We had to use two sticks each coming down cause it was so steep haha.
The next is a down hill stream we found one day

and the next is me on top of the mountains

and lastly my comp and I on the water tower by our house

Have a good week love you all

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