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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 3, 2012

Starting off with questions haha

So how many people are you teaching lately? We have a family of 6 out in San Antonio the Ch-c family and this week we found a few news

Are you able to speak enough Kekchi to teach? No

How many people attend in Yalijux? Lowest since I have been here 70 highest 92

Are they using the hymn books? No the new hymn books are different and the have the old songs memorized, my comp and I are learning the new songs to teach them to them

How are your feet doing with all this walking? Perfectly fine

Are the rubber boots comfortable? No but they aren’t bad you get used to it

Is Yalijux hot? No its super cold (55-68ish at night, 70-80 in the day) with no humidity

Where do the Spr-dl-n's live? Are they in your district? Senahu, yes but they work with kids leaving on missions getting them ready

What do you do for p-day besides walk down to Senahu and eat fried chicken? Well today we went to a 200 foot waterfall called Wilix, normally just hang out and chill

So what area did you work in and was it still Kekchi?
Telaman and yes Kekchi but with Spanish, Senahu is a mix also so when I’m down here I’m ok with the language, but I’m learning fast and picking it up

Ok now that that is done first off you should study Spanish cause it won't be super fun coming here and meeting people and not being able to say stuff. So even just a basic knowledge of Spanish would make it alot more fun for you. 
Next, this week was kinda lame I only was in my area a day and a half, I went on divisions with the zone leaders so I was in the zone leaders area for 3 days and then it took me a day to get back to my area. So going back up to my area tomorrow will be good. 
This week the good that happened is we put a fecha with the Ch-c family, but they didn’t come to church so we need to find out why... 1 its far, but I think the other reason is that day is market day in an area close to their house and they might sell at the market. 
Also this week they finished the church in Yalijux and it's really nice, so hopefully it gets dedicated soon cause I’m sick of going to church in a little hut haha. 
That’s all the new info about my area for the week. For p-day we went up to a waterfall, which is actually in my area. Its really big and a cool hangout place. But I left my camera at the house so pictures are coming next week. Also my pictures were just ok that I took.  Tomorrow on the way back up to Yalijux we might get off early and take some pics then walk back to Yalijux. It would only be about a 2 hour walk... the reason we want to do that is cause there is a big bridge we want pictures of and we have to go hike to it.  Tomorrow would be our only chance before this change is over. This change flew by. This Sunday we will get changes and I will let you know what happens. That’s about all I have for now... love you all and have a good week!

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