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Sunday, October 14, 2012

October 8, 2012


Well I have 18 months... I still feel new so it’s not that much of a milestone. I hear you feel new till you go home and I’m going to have to agree with that. This week was simple, I was only in xya'al li hux from Tuesday to Thursday so we didn’t really get much done. I feel like I’ve been in Senahu forever and I’d like to get back to my area. Senahu isn’t that great and my house here sucks haha. This week was normal for work and we were able to get to the Ch-cs so that was good. The highlight of my week was conference and I was happy to see all the Yalijux people. They rented a cattle truck and all came down. And we had four of our investigators at conference so we were happy. We had lix Olg-, lix G--d-l-pe, lix J--na, and one other I don’t remember her name. Lix is the title for girls in Kekchi. So we were happy to see them there. Conference was cool. My favorite talk was for sure Jeffery R Holland’s talk about how sometime we forget about how inexperienced Jesus’ apostles were.  I enjoyed his take on what he thinks happened that he made clear was not in the scriptures. Other than that I don’t really have much about my week. Ooooooh wait. Wednesday the Watts came to my area and it was the first time they had ever came to Yalijux so it was cool to see them there. They inspected the church and gave it the ok for the dedication so he should be back soon. Hermana Watts also made us really good food, which was amazing. Pres Watts was super busy so we didn’t really get to talk to him but we did get to visit with Hermana Watts. I think they uploaded a picture of my comp and I on facebook somewhere.

Sounds like you have a few investigators right now that are progressing well. How are you doing with being able to teach and communicate in Kekchi? Are you still teaching the new hymns?

I can talk and communicate I have most the basics down and its a simple language, not simple to learn but the sentences aren’t complex. And the hymns we know all of them basically. I really like the come thou fount and new kolab ones. Cause neither of those are in the Spanish hymnbook and ones not even in English! So that’s cool, when did they take come thou fount out of the English hymn book do you know?

Has the new building in Yalijux been dedicated yet? And are you using it?  

No, yes we use the bathroom cause its nicer than ours and we have a fridge in there that we brought up. It's nice having a fridge. Our solar panels couldn’t handle a fridge but the churches can.

I thought it was pretty interesting S-l- and her fiancé were getting a group together of other people who want to get married to get a better price for their marriage.

To marry here normally they just go sign a paper. The wedding they did a few months ago was more American style and not many do it like that.

It sounds like living in the Senahu district is quite the adventure. It seems like you are having a good time and liking this area of Guatemala. I can only imagine 4 of you trekking through farmer’s crops in the middle of the night… aye aye aye haha! 
 Senahu district is a great one. Zone Senahu has all the mountain areas (Yalijux, Serit Kiche, Sajomte, and Chulac) the craziest areas of the mission. I say Senahu zone is 2784236874 times better than polochik zone now that the zones are split. We got the good half haha. Zone polochik is just valley and its super hot.

Well have a good week. Love you all!

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