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Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 15, 2012

Elder Asdel found a good tree to relax on
Well I’m running out of time so I will make this email quick. This week we went back up to Yalijux on Tuesday like always. On Tuesday we cleaned the house and basically by the time we were done it was dark and after dark we cant really do much. Wednesday was just a normal day visited some members, nothing to exciting. Thursday was our normal day to go out to San Antonio and we are on the brink of dropping our invs out there cause they aren’t doing anything and their pastor is getting involved and its basically going nowhere. So we are probably going to go once more to figure out what’s up. Friday we went with these little kids to help them chop wood and they took us to this forest we had never been to. The kids are crazy, they all walk out there with machetes and chop wood and take it home. It's like a 2 mile walk and they are all age 5ish to 10ish.... its crazy to see how hard they work. After that we just played with them out in the forest and took pictures. Saturday we had a normal work day again and just tried to get some people to go to church. Right now it's hard to get people to go to church cause we are still in the little shack. I’m pretty sure with the new church it will be alot better. Sunday we just went to church and had a few invs at church and then after we walked down to Senahu. We did a pedometer half the walk and it was around 11 miles haha. Just a random lil fact for you. 
This Monday we were supposed to go to Semuc Sempay or what ever idk how to spell it (google it its super cool) but the zone leaders blew it and didn’t plan good so all we did was play soccer... woooooooo ha always having dumb zone activities but what ever... 
This week I won't be going up to Yalijux till Saturday which is kind of lame cause I feel like I haven’t really been in my area but whatever it should be fun. I’ve just been gone a lot from my area with general conference and all. One zone leader is going to my area with my comp and I’m going to the zone leaders area with the other one. I’ll be with Elder Perez. After that we will be going to Coban for a conference, which I am super excited for. There will be a bunch of zones there and I will see Elder Gunnel my comp from the CCM so I’m happy about that. We also might get to go shopping in Coban and they have McDonalds there! woooooooooooo I cant wait to go to the grocery store and get some fooood! 
So today till Thursday I will be here in Senahu with Perez then Friday at like 2am I will leave for Coban and be there all day and come back at night then Saturday get on up to Yalijux! Time to answer some questions...

So when do they think the church building will be dedicated? The plan is the 28th of this month. I hope it happens.

Did Pres and Hermana Watts walk to Yalijux? Did they like it up there? No they didn’t walk they have a really nice Toyota truck called a hilux (I’m pretty sure the engine is to big to be allowed in the states) but their truck can make it to Yalijux.

Is your house close to the church? And that's why you can put a refrigerator there? We live on church grounds we live within the gates and yes that it why.

Are you getting lots of rain? Not really it normally rains about a hourish a day.

Is the climate colder in this area? It’s freeeezing! I had to get up at 4:30 am the other day and I was dying. It’s alot like Ventura winter weather. But I’m used to hot Peten weather so I’m freeeezing. But Hermana Watts brought us new blankets so I’m warm at night

How many hours of walking did you do this week? idk but I'll never beat my record of 13 hours in one day, I hope.

Any cool waterfalls or bridges found this week? No, we just went to a close one in my area that we’ve been to a bunch its only like 10 mins from the house, you’ve seen pictures its the one with 2 waterfalls

Alright let me explain my pictures
walking back from San Antonio in the fog

walking back from San Anonio

The kids that chop wood

the forest where the kids go to chop wood

Road to Yalijux is falling haha
Well that’s all for this week, love you all and have a good week!

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