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Sunday, October 7, 2012

October 1, 2012

Heroooooooo. How are yoooooooou all doing? I’m doing good out here. First off yes, I was able to read the talks you sent me, thanks. This week was good, we have been working with this girl S-l-. I don’t remember if I ever have mentioned her before, but she has come to church a few times and we have been able to teach her a few times too. The only thing is she needs to get married before she can get baptized and the guy getting married to her told us that they are going to try to get a group of people together to get married so they can get a better price. And in the group of people there is another person that isn’t a member so we will get a new investigator when we find out who that is. That will all be happening in November. 
This week we went out to San Antonio to visit R-c-rd- Ch-c. But we didn’t make it out to their house. We only made it to the house of a member out there and had to come back. On Friday we planned to work in San Francisco and when we got there the Elders in Serit Kiche called us and told us that they couldn’t find the reference that we gave them and asked us to help them find it. So we went and found them in the mountains and took them to the house and then took them back to their house in Serit Kiche... and then from there we walked home. That day we walked 13 hours straight. I seriously couldn’t walk one more step after that. 
The next day we helped the Branch Pres fill out baby blessing papers cause they are in Spanish and he couldn’t figure them out, so we did that for him. Then Sunday was church and after that we walked to Senahu. This week I walked a good 21 hours within 3 days haha... sooooo much walking haha. 
Right now its a pain to get usbs and sd cards and I need some new stuff I was wondering if you could get me like 2 big usb drives like 64gb or 32gb and then I need like 2 sd cards for my camera that are 16gb or 32gb. Right now I think that’s all I need. 
That’s crazy who all is getting home. it we will be even crazier when Scott gets home. Also that’s awesome that ---- is getting ready to turn in papers or what ever step he is on. I know he has been dating a girl from my chemistry class for a really long time. and I know she started to go to church with him, I wonder if she ever got baptized.

Here’s the scoop on the photos - the group pictures are before and after pictures of from where we found the Elders of Serit Kiche. We found them supppper high up and took them to a house even higher. And then we went down a giant face of the mountain to get to their house and it wasn’t a path we were trekking though cardamomo fields in the night in the rain, it was crazy. Cardamomo is a huge cash crop here and we were scared the locals were going to think we were robbing their stuff so it was pretty sketchy. Then the other picture is the after picture, everyone got super muddy except me cause I never fell, but everyone else would fall and slide like 20 feet down the mountain haha.  Then one of a place were we drank fresh spring water in the middle of the night during our 13 hour walk with no water... good thing we know where the fresh water is hehehe. That’s all this week, have a good week love you all and happy 18 months of me being gone hehe.

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  1. your blog is cool. didnt know missionaries can have blogs now.
    Buena suerte en guatemala! LDS rock!