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Saturday, July 28, 2012

July 23, 2012

 Hello. This week was alright. Tuesday we had zone conference and they talked about all the same stuff they have talked about since I started the mission, I didn’t really feel like it was anything new. With my investigators mainly we are still working with F-rn-nd- and D-lc- and its tough. F-rn-nd- is kinda just not trying and D-lc- is doing everything. So we will see what happens, their planned date is this coming Saturday. 

I’m pretty excited because Wednesday I will be up in Palencia for the day and it will be cool to be in my first area. 
Friday we had an activity in the church where we made food and watched the Joseph Smith movie on a projector. About 80 people showed up, it was an ok activity. 
Also one day we helped re-paint one of the elders houses in Juana de Arco because the owners of the house were mad at how trashed the house was. So we all re-painted and cleaned the inside. 
This is the last week of this change and alot of people are going home. 
Today for p-day we went to central market, the place I went to when I was in the CCM. I was able to buy a lot of cool stuff. I’m trying to slowly get all my shopping done before the end of my mission so I don't have to do it all last minute. I bought you guys some small stuff but there is so much stuff there you guys would like but I figured I should just wait till we all come and you can get what ever you want. So for now you will have to settle for small stuff haha. 
Also that reminds me that in the box I sent home a lil bit ago there was a notebook for you mom and a little bag for Morgan and also I think in the note book a few letters I had written and put in envelopes for some people of the stake that have written me, so if you could look for that stuff and get it out that would be nice. Well that's about all and I don’t have my card reader with me so I will end this letter and no photos this week! Hopefully next week I will be able to send some photos and I’ll let you guys know about changes! Love you all have a good week!

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