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Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 16, 2012

 This week was less filled than last week and last week I had nothing to say. Not too much has happened, just normal missionary life and normal lessons. Our investigators are still progressing well and I should have a few baptisms this week or next, we haven’t been able to decide the date yet. 
Also today I got the news that Osc-r and his wife got sealed. They are the ones from San Jose, and Elder Somers and I baptized Osc-r’s son Osc-r. 
So that was some good news to hear that. 

Elder Argueta, Elder Mansfield, Elder Asdel, Elder Lowe
I have some fotos from my 4th of July meal that I spent a whole 25 dollars on... I felt like a big spender hahaha because quetzales are about 7.8 to 1 with the dollar. So my meal was 200 quetzales and I normally spend 30 to 50 on lunch haha so 200 was going big! haha. 
Elder Mansfield & Elder Asdel

We have an investigator coming to church that works for a family here but she doesn’t speak Spanish she speaks kek´chi. So I have no idea how we are going teach her... maybe I'll study some basics jaja. We will see where that goes. hmmmm... what else... what elseeee... I got nothing. Times flying and it's just normal! Hopefully I get some new stories for next week! Love you all and enjoy the fotos!!

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