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Monday, November 5, 2012

October 29, 2012

Well well well as you know this week was changes. Which sucked. My comp went to a crappy area and was sad. I was sad he was leaving and basically everybody in the zone was bummed on their change. My new comp is Elder -sc-rc-- from Nicaragua. He has about 14 months in the mission. He likes to work really hard which is good and his kekchi is pretty good. He has been here in Polochic his whole mission. He wasn’t my first choice of comps but what can you do... but it will be fun. Not going to lie its pretty lame in Yalijux. I was so used to being with my last comp and it was super fun so now it just is kinda bleh but I'll get over it.   
On Tuesday M-rt-n-z and I went back up to Yalijux cause we didn’t want to wait for changes in Senahu and we just played with kids and had fun. We also played water balloons with the kids. Then when we did get back to Senahu (on time) the zone leader was mad at us... not zone leaders just zone leader but we didn’t care and just ignored him. Its not our fault there was no camion at 4:30 am and we had to walk ha. 
After that I got my new comp and we went up to Yalijux. This week I showed him the area and killed him a few times on long walks haha.   He doesn’t like spicy food, and he freaks out, its funny to watch. 
M-rt-n-z and I changed J--n-’s baptismal date to this coming weekend to make things a little easier. So my new comp and I taught her a few times this week and made sure she is ready... and she is! So we will be having a baptism this week. 
Well the dedication was this week. It was good a ton of people showed up. After church we walked down to San Francisco to sleep the night in the church there and then come to Senahu today. Which sucked! We slept in nasty hammocks in a dirt floor church without a door. 
Pres Watts wants us leaving Yalijux Monday morning instead of Sunday afternoon which I’m annoyed about cause its a pain and super tiring and now I don’t get any rest. And he also wants us going up to Serit Kiche Monday afternoon instead of staying in Senahu and in Serit Kiche I will be sleeping on the floor.  We will still not get back to Yalijux till the same time because there is only one truck up to Yalijux so we would still be hitching a ride on the same truck just from Serit Kiche not from Senahu... it makes no sense.  
My new comp wants to work hard and we should have alot of success.  I'm no longer part of Senahu district I’m now Yalijux district its just us and Serit Kiche. They opened up Senahu 2 and a few other areas in Polochic. That was all the rumors that were going around before changes and they happened. That’s about all I have for the week. And I have some new pictures! Enjoy

How are your investigators doing? Good J--n- had her baptismal interview this week and is getting baptized this Saturday

Where is Elder G-nn-ll serving? San Cristobal Verapaz

Where is Elder W-y serving? Flores Peten

Where did your companion go? to Panzos he was not happy at all

Do the Spr-dl-n's ever get transferred? Nope

Pictures are from the dedication, me swinging over Elder S-l-z-r from Chile, picture in the moonlight, the church I slept in last night, me standing on a cow, and my cereal haha

Dedication of Yalijux chapel

Elder Asdel at Yalijux chapel dedication

Elder Tarzan
Elder Asdel walking in the moonlight
Last nights lodging
surfing a bull
My cereal

Love you all have a good week!

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