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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 12, 2012

 Woooo! Tell Grandpa happy birthday from Guatemala!! 
And I laughed out loud when I heard she got her braces off. Were her teeth super stained from the brackets? (*she is referring to a friend that recently just got her braces off after several years) 
Well I basically have no time, like always. Today was ´´p-day´´. First I got up at 4:30am to walk to San Francisco and try to catch a ride to Senahu. Very luckily we got one (normally there isn’t).
Then we had our interviews with Pres and then we had to drop off our laundry and now we are at internet and next on the schedule is head up to Serit Kiche... woooooooo. The good thing about having no time is that my comp was sick 2 days this week so there isn’t really much to write...

first off:

How did your interview with Pres Watts go? It was good, everybody except me talked about our crappy p-days and they all got shut down, I knew they would.

One of the pictures you sent last week looked like the inside of a booklet. What was that from? Its a child’s learning book in Kekchi I thought it was cool with Mayan page numbers and what not.

What are the pics with your last comp and the sunglasses from? You are in p-day clothes. It looks like you were having a good time. Yeah last week we actually got to put on p-day clothes, today no. It isn’t my old comp its Elder Salazar from Chile and Reyes from Mexico just chillin
Elder Asdel Elder Salazar and Elder Reyes

The pic of the ladies with the plastic bags... is that soda in the bags? It’s the soda in the bags haha

Well this week started with Monday, we walked/hitchhiked to Serit Kiche from there we went to teach. We had time for one lesson (that was the whole reason Pres Watts wants us to go up Monday)  That night I shared a bed with Trejo and my comp shared with Barton. Barton was sick so my comp got sick and when we got back to Yalijux the next day my comp was dead so we lost more time from that then we would have by doing things the old way when we had a normal p-day.
So from there two sick days. My comp was oooooh so sick. He was dying and needed medicine and we hiked to the call spot. He just about died and called the mission doctor and they got him the medicine sent. Well the next day he was fine and didn’t need the meds... haha whatever.
Thursday we had a movie night. The people loved it. We had more there than go to church on Sunday.
After that was Friday, and we had a member take us around and show us where the less actives live. Saturday we had a normal day. We went out to an area called San Jose to see why this one member stopped coming and it was cause he was sick, but we made him come Sunday which was good. Sunday was a waste haha. We had church, we had all the people from the triple weddings, well the non members (all the husbands went to go work in some place), but the non-members were there.
We also had a few people’s kids that live close to the church at church. So we are hoping to be able to get in with the parents thru that.
After church we had branch counsel, I think it was the first one ever in Yalijux. Most of the people there didn’t even know they had callings hahahahah but it went... well you could say.
Here comes the waste... well our plan was go to San Francisco and sleep there, but we had to get a paper signed for J--n-'s baptism, but her mom was busy and we had to wait... (the picture with me in line with Kekchi ladies is where she was) so we never made it to San Fran.

after that we had to walk to the call spot and wait for the zls to call us and we didn’t leave there till like 8 and got home at nine and went to sleep. Then woke up today at about 4:30. That’s all there is this week! Now for the pictures

food that I eat everyday, very spicy very yummy.

  somewhere cloudy

my tiny tortilla and J--n-’s giant tortilla I can’t make big ones like them
 movie night!

Well that’s all for the week.
Love you all, have a good week.

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