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Sunday, November 11, 2012

November 5, 2012

So did J--n- get baptized this Saturday? Yes she did about 70 people showed up and it was a good baptism

How are things going with your new companion? Alright, things aren’t too bad with him, but my zone sucks. 

Any All Saints Day celebrations or Day of the Dead celebrations? For li kutan re kamik (day of the dead) everyone just ate alot and we got invited to eat with everyone

So you probably got to you use the new chapel this week! I bet the people are happy to have a new building especially such a nice one. Yeah its really weird but its nice and the people are happy

We had time change this weekend. I'm thinking you probably don't do that in Guatemala do you? Nope the time doesn’t change here

J--n-'s Baptism

This week was pretty good work wise. We put a fecha with G--d-l-p-, N-rm-, and S-l-. G--d-l-p- is for this month and N-rm- and S-l- are for next month. The thing with N-rm- and S-l- is that they need to get married before we can baptize them. So Sunday morning we had a little meeting with S-l-, H-ct-r, N-rm-, R-c-rd-, L--n-rd-, and his girlfriend (I forgot her name). But they are all not married and we are gunna do like a triple wedding with all of them in December. And then after N-rm- and S-l- can get baptized, all the others are already members. 
As you know this Saturday was J--n-’s baptism and everything went well. She didn’t want to get baptized in the river so we were going to go to Senahu. But I remembered there is a portable pila in the new church, so I was going to try to put it together. Everybody told me it's too hard and I wouldn’t be able to do it (other missionaries were saying that elders before couldn’t do it) but I told them I can... and of course I figured it, out super easy. So the pictures of the font you see I put together. About 70 people showed up, it was nice. After we served soda and something they call tacos that really aren’t tacos haha. 
That’s really all that happened this week. Lots of lessons with S-l-, N-rm-, J--n- and G--d-l-p-. 
This coming week we have planned to work in San Francisco, Tzalamila, San Antonio, and Yalijux so it will be nice to walk forever and enjoy walking. My comp gets tired fast and hates spicy food so he’s suffering a lil bit but its all good. I’m going to attach some pictures and head out. My p-days suck now cause I have to come down from Yalijux p-day and go back to Serit Quiche the same day since it's impossible to get back to Yalijux. So tonight I will be sleeping in Serit Kiches house and not Senahu...why idk...there’s no point...but I gotta get out and get off  and head out. 
This next coming Monday are interviews with Pres... So my next p-day I will only have time to do interviews then use internet and leave. Alot of stuff going on but what ever. Love you all and have a good week! I don’t have time to explain the pictures but I’m sure you can figure them out byeeeeeee

Yalijux chapel with the font Elder Asdel put together

Refreshments after the baptism
Getting refreshments ready
Yalijux members and Elder Asdel after J--n-'s baptism

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