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Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 19, 2012

Where I slept last night
Well this week was fast. First off was good ole p-day... ha. We had interviews then we were rushed off to Serit Kiche. Elder Trejo and I ended up walking there in the rain and didn’t get there till like 8pm. That night I shared a tiny bed with Trejo.  From there Trejo and I went to Yxaal Li Hux. We did 3 day divisions and it was good. Tuesday we went out to Sepalau it was a fun walk out there and a place that I had only been to once.  We were able to find some news out there. 
Wednesday we went to the end of Yalijux, we spent all day walking. Trejo had never been to Yalijux and I showed him around to all the cool stuff.  We took a ton of pictures and we only had one lesson that day haha. 
Thursday we were back with our comps. That day my comp and I just worked a normal day in the Hux teaching N-rm-, J--n-, and S-l-, it was an ok day. Friday we went back to Sepalau and visited the people Trejo and I found and some of them seem pretty good. Oh yeah. on Thursday we had our movie night again and it was fun. There was a bunch of people there. 
Saturday was another normal day just working in the Hux. Wednesday and Saturday are market day and some one has been making french fries the last few market days and that’s been cool, something new to eat! Haha 
Elder Asdel and Elder Trejo in San Pransiic
Also its been super cold out here. You can see your breath in the day when the sun is out. Sunday was church. We only had S-l- and N-rm- in church. I thought we were going to have more but we didn’t… bummer. 
After church we headed down to San Pransiic and set up our beds in the church wooooo! After that we worked in San Pran. We found out that the branch there is worse than I thought and I knew it was bad. There is only about 19 people going to church and I’m pretty sure its like 2 families. But the good thing is we were able to visit people in San Pransiic that hadn’t been visited in like 3 years haha. Also we got a few references which is always good. So this week we will see what’s up with that! Well I’m out of time and I need to get up to Serit Kiche like always haha. But I have pics for you guys to hopefully make my email less boring. Also about the fireworks, I think they will have good ones here in Senahu but I’m not sure. I’ve been trying to figure that one out hahahha well love you all and have a good week!

Elder Trejo, S-l-, kids and Elder Asdel

Elder Asdel and LDS family in San Pransiic
Elder Asdel and a duck
Swinging good time
Duck soup
Dope Ride

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